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Professional Cosmetic Services  

In the field of plastic surgery, our mission is simple. We want to improve the life of others by making them happy.

In today's fitness-oriented society, people are increasingly concerned about body image. We understand how one‘s outward appearance affects the way they feel, therefore, we are very sensitive to our patient’s feelings.

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The suffix “plasty” in the name of many plastic surgery operations means: to shape, mold or form. It comes from the Greek work plasticos. Abdominoplasty is surgery that shapes the abdomen.

A "tummy tuck" as it's often called uses advanced surgical techniques to tighten the muscles and remove excess skin and fat. The operation takes about two hours and does what few other plastic surgery operations do. It can result in a fit, rock hard abdomen.

We most often do what we call a ‘full tummy tuck“, in which the benefit of the surgery goes all the way from the pubis to the rib cage. Abdominal scars and striae (stretch marks) are often removed as a normal part of the procedure. The incision, while the primary concern of every pre operative patient is rarely an issue post-op.

It heals well and is easily concealed in even risqué fashions; sometimes a "mini-tummy tuck” is recommended. It is an abbreviated operation intended for those who just have a problem from the belly button downwards. The incision is shorter too, not unlike a C-Section incision but better, obviously.

Liposuction has gone through many incarnations over the years. It was invented in Italy in the sixties, but only became popular after a high profile French surgeon published good results a decade later. In the eighties it was unclear who the best candidates for the procedure were. Was it an operation to make obese people thin? Or was it best suited for those who barely needed it, people with a single "figure flaw” or two? Later in the eighties the health club scene proliferated and more "ideal" liposuction candidates presented themselves.


In the nineties more changes occurred. Power assisted liposuction came along, as well as "ultrasonic lipo", which is akin to todays "smart lipo". These are all inventions that add something to the tip of the cannula (the liposuction instrument) that dissolves the fat that is to be removed. My key to success with liposuction has boiled down to two things. One, developing the talent and artistry of sculpting the body with thin, low impact instruments while using a combination of tumescent and sedation anesthesia. And two, choosing the patients best suited to the procedure, people who have reasonable expectations and are willing to do their part to insure a great result.

At the end of the day, liposuction is sculpting. It's an art. And in this practice satisfaction rates are very, very high. Think about it, an outer thigh has four elements to consider but only one of them (the fat) is adjustable with liposuction. The other three elements are skin (it's elasticity), muscle and skeletal architecture. It takes a lot of experience to know what t0 do, how to do it and upon whom it should be done. That's why this practice is filled with so many happy, healthy and shapely people.
Facial implant surgery is one of the most fun plastic surgery operations to do. For the surgeon, that is. Who can ask for more? Great results, minimal swelling, immediate results and a happy patient are the norm.

By far, the most common facial implant surgery is chin implant. This procedure offers numerous benefits with very little trauma or recovery. The proper chin implant makes up for a deficiency and just strengthens the jaw line in a complementary way. No matter, the results are immediate, the swelling and recovery are minimal.

Cheekbone implants, jaw and nasal implants are also available. Facial implant operations are low impact because the surgery, by its very nature is minimal. The surgeon creates a pocket, puts an implant in it and closes the incision.

Countless times we get referrals from a dermatologist or other clinician to remove a lesion because the resulting scar location would be in a location that is -of concern'. Our natural question would be, when is the scar not of concern? Cancerous or benign, the precise and exact technique of a Plastic Surgeon is a good thing when it comes to removing lesions or scars.

If lesions are removed in a thorough and accurate way, there is less likelihood of a recurrence or missed tumor. If a scar is excised in a subtle and delicate manner, there is less stimulation for the body to respond with scarring and inflammation. The credo of all doctors is "do no harm- but the credo of the plastic surgeon is -cause no scar". While no one is perfect, I think our scars (or lack thereof) rival the best of them.

Scar revision involves the removal of a scar by excision and immediately reconstructing it with plastic surgery techniques. With our abilities, we can confidently predict when our resulting scar will be significantly better than scars acquired from trauma, acne or other surgeries. Rarely do we encounter patients more appreciative than those upon whom we have made a problematic scar inconspicuous.

Fillers fill. That’s what they do. When a crease or fold is created by laxity because of age or heredity, fillers ‘fill the gap’ between the immediate problem and a surgical cure. Are fillers temporary? Sure, but that's a good thing, because the proper filling volume and placement in early 2007 may not be proper in 2010. So the temporary duration of fillers, such as Restylane is advantageous, not disadvantageous.

The alternative to filling creases is using Botox Cosmetic to prevent the lines from forming in the first place. This is usually my recommendation for lines and creases from the cheekbones upwards. Botox impairs the muscles that cause lines and as a result, the lines fade into memory. Botox is one of the most common plastic procedures performed today.

There are other fillers besides Restylane. They include your own fat, Radiesse, Juvederm, Captique, Hylaform, collagen, dermologen, silicone and others. Which one is best for you? I'd have to examine you to say. But often times the patient’s own fat, another hyaluronic acid filler or collagen (a protein) are recommended. The duration, reliability and side effects of all the alternatives are always discussed.

One of my breast patients told me I had given her the "best accessories a girl can have”. She was responding to the fact that her per-operative appearance did not take any kind of advantage of the cultural and fashion impact of the feminine figure.

She was athletic and curvy, but had very little ‘up top". Breast implants completed a figure she felt was incomplete and was very happy with the result. Although some of her friends were a little jealous.

It is natural for the female breast to change over the course of a lifetime but some of those changes are not welcome. That's where surgery comes in. We can restore the youthful fullness and weightlessness to the bosom or give our patients a figure they never had but always wanted. Factors that change the breast shape and size are age, weight fluctuation and childbirth (especially multiple children) and breast-feeding.

Breast surgery is broken down into three categories, with some mixing of all three procedures. There is simple Breast Augmentation: making the breasts larger. There is Mastopexy, or breast lifting: making them higher. There is Breast Reduction: making them smaller. One example of a combination is a "breast lift with implants", which, is a Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy combined.

Eyelid surgery is called Blepharoplasty. Most people think they have two eyelids, but you actually have four; uppers and lowers. The problems that develop with eyelids over the years are fatty herniations that look puffy and stretch the skin over time. This results in bags and laxity that are easily corrected with surgery to restore a rested, younger look.

Eyes are the window to the soul. But the eyelids are the framework to that window. So they have to complement the individual. Blepharoplasty can make the eyes look "bigger" by removing encroaching tissue from the corners, but the true shape of the eye is not changed with surgery. Your eyes can be done as a solitary procedure, but are most often combined with another operation such as a facelift.

New advanced techniques enable us to provide a beautiful result in less time than you would think. Often times the eyelid puffs can be removed from an inside-the-eyelid approach for a completely invisible incision. Incision-less surgery sounds kind of futuristic but it’s here now!

The secret to a great facelift is a combination of several recent advances in other surgeries. Now the face can be lifted nearly vertically, whereas in the old days it was more of a backwards pull. That sometimes resulted in that fake ”windblown” look. Thankfully, our results today purely repair what gravity and time took a way. A rested, more youthful look.

The operation has improved so much because of the resulting lower impact, faster healing, hidden and minimized scars and improved closing techniques. Often times tissue glue is used instead of sutures. The glue also allows me to permit the patient to be bandage free and return to an active life sooner.


Most people just take a week off of work, rather than the two or three weeks that used to be the norm. So today's facelift is a composite operation, borrowing the best components of other surgical techniques.

Nothing will force an otherwise healthy, happy young man to become an introvert the way excessive formation of breast tissue does. It is an actual medical condition called GYNECOMASTIA. It is not normal and should be corrected with a simple excision procedure that results in a flat normal male chest. The operation makes a world of difference psychologically.

We often hear from concerned parents or the young male adults themselves. They are wearing two or even three T-shirts to hide the chest they change their clothes in the bathroom stall instead of in the boy's locker room and sometimes they just plain refuse to take their shirts off in public or at the pool or beach.

The corrective procedure is conceptually one of the simplest in plastic surgery. The excessive breast tissue is partially fat and partially ductal breast tissue. Often times the simple liposuction of the chest is enough. If the ductal tissue is also excessive, we make a tiny incision on the perimeter of the areola (nipple).

It heals inconspicuously and the resulting flat chest makes a huge difference on our patients immediately. I can honestly say I have never in my career known someone to regret having this done. As a surgeon it is one of the most gratifying things I do for my patients.

Few other plastic surgery operations have the impact and benefit of rhinoplasty. After all, everyone has a nose and its right there, in the middle of your face. There is even that old saying: It's as plain as the nose on your face! So when a nose has distracting or incongruous characteristics, it can be the cause of sadness.

But the ‘nose job” is probably the most famous of all plastic surgery. Everyone knows that noses get "done" so you don't have to live with a nose you don't like. Even so, lots of people are afraid of the operation, worried that it won't come out right or everyone will know they did it.

Natural looking nose surgery results are the norm today. Ninety-something percent of nose results look so natural that no one knows it's been done. If anything, the result of nasal surgery creates a nose that "fits in" with the other facial characteristics so that the result looks more natural than the nose you were born with. Natural noses, it's the expert plastic surgeons mantra.

Advanced techniques have made Rhinoplasty a very low impact, short recovery operation. Using minimally invasive anesthesia techniques, our patients recover quickly and painlessly. While bruising is possible, it doesn't always happen and most patients are quite happy with their results in a week.

That is not to say that there is no swelling at that time, because there is. But the swelling often mimics the pre-operative appearance, so it's not conspicuous. Then as the swelling subsides, the beautiful, handsome results kind of sneak up on you so no one notices the change.




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